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Like urban up but using as opposed to
ÿeeko suave ! reach out and touch faith says:
lol man fuck knows how you didnt waffle with 900 words
all ur skillz r belong 2 us says:
just look at your 2 books all about manchuria and abyssinia
all ur skillz r belong 2 us says:
and if you think you've got all that google up
by brendan September 07, 2004
This is a term used to describe the act of typing search criteria in a search box to request search results from an Internet search engine to be displayed in an Internet browser.
It's fairly easy to "Googleup" complaints about how poorly Congress is doing thier job.

In a discussion where nobody knows the answer..."Googleup" is the only word that needs to be said to initiate an Internet search to find that answer.
by Techzilla01 April 12, 2009
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