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Someone who takes good care of themselves physically and emotionally, i.e. eats healthy, exercises, does inspiring things.
My boyfriend’s a total luvo, he’s always making me good stuff to eat and doing nice things for me.
by runner_206 November 07, 2013
193 19
A person who has a lot of love and takes care of their own health and other people. Just a loving person who shows it with a really positive and caring attitude.
My mom got me a year’s worth of yoga classes for christmas, what a luvo!
by Alison42 December 02, 2013
86 3
A person who's "in love" with themselves, hence the similarity to the word "love". This person care's a lot about their physical appearance and loves to take photos of themselves, by themselves.

Also known as a type of photo in which, the person taking the photo is also the only person inside the photo. Better Luvos tend to not get any of their hand, forearm or shoulder into the picture.
Look at that person taking luvo's of himself/herself with his/her cell phone.
by RaYRaYRaYRaYRaY February 09, 2007
160 176
someone who is up themself, totally self obsessed with their appearance and reputation
"oh look at that chick elena over there what a luvo"
by morgz October 12, 2004
86 179
a person who likes taking pictures and likes to check themselves in the mirror. the person always wants to look good.
what a luvo!taking pics every lunch time!
by nobodyimportant August 01, 2005
40 155
An enormous penis.
"You know, that guy over there is really an amputee, but he's got such a Luvo that he puts it through his pants with a shoe on to walk."
by Maxime Crosnier March 07, 2010
21 163