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smoking just enough weed to feel the changing in the weight of your head, but not yet stoned. You sort of begin to feel you head go heavy, light, and so on... a pleasant feeling
"Let's toke up man!"

"No way dude, we don't have enough to get stoned"

"We can still pack a mighty fine head rush though man!"

"I'm down."
by sebastiancee November 26, 2007

Beyond Radical.
Bobby: I just touched that little boy...

Police: Narbz
by Sebastiancee October 08, 2007
Something that has no chance of happening.
This definition having all thumbs-up is an impossibility.
by sebastiancee October 28, 2007
After someone gets pwned on a Wii.
I nubbed Jordan on Wii Tennis and he ran out the room and started to wiip
by Sebastiancee September 04, 2007
stories about being high or trips you hear about or tell friends, usually during seshes. Gets its name from chronic.
me and my friends cheefed a phat bowl, and through the hazy smoke told them of my adventures and chronicles being blitzed
by sebastiancee January 27, 2008
To smoke signal is to stand outside a fellow tokers window from a distance and with a skilled puff, shooting a sliver of smoke, taking in account wind, through an open window. A trained toker will instantly recognize the smell of the sweet cheeba and know they are being summoned.
I stood outside Dilbert's house and smoke signal'd. Within 30 seconds Dilbert was beside me hittin some cannabis.
by sebastiancee January 08, 2008
To be physically built. Like a tank.
That guy is tanked!!! I wonder what the caliber of those abs are.
by Sebastiancee October 11, 2007

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