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To leave with much haste.
Hey, there's my Mom! I better scam.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003
Vital escort fighter sircraft of the Second World War, the first capable of escorting bombers to the heart of Germany and back.
"When I saw the Mustangs over Berlin, I knew the gig weas up." Hermann Göring
by Sean Brian Kirby February 13, 2004
Your current locale/country when something completely ridiculous happens.
Here in Asburdistan, the State-boys pull over those who "speed" while ignoring those who hog the passing-lane, exhibiting their longest fingers.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003
A misnomer. What is being called "pedophilia" among the priest community is actually agressive homosexual behavior, as those being victimised are not children (male and female); rather, they are pubescent boys.
The pedophile priest was, in actuality, a gay rapist.
by Sean Brian Kirby February 13, 2004
'Ach du Lieber Himmel' is the way Germans say, "Oh, for the love of heaven!" Add, "Freakin'," and that's a curse you'll hear me say all the time. Dunno' why. Just do. Has a certain ring...
"Fa-shi-fur-fra - Ach du Freakin' Lieber Himmel!"
by Sean Brian Kirby October 04, 2005
Entirely screwed.
When he saw the red triplane on his tail, he knew he was schtupped.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 03, 2003
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