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The sound women must listen to when disinterested in the outcome. (Australian origin.)
She lay on her back, listening to the Hufty McGufty, and thought, "what day is it tomorrow"
by Sean Brian Kirby March 14, 2005
Dumb Country Fucker
She said she went to school with Troy Aikman, and would think he was cute if he wasn't such a DCF.
by Sean Brian Kirby May 08, 2004
Bulgarian for, "squirrel". They use it as we use, "beaver".
My friends laughed when I told them we call it a, "bober". And then I found out they call it, "katerichka".
by Sean Brian Kirby March 09, 2008
Euphemistically, female masturbation.
He had her so frustrated after licking her neck 'cause he was too shy to kiss her, she had to go home and push the beans.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 20, 2004
My belovéd (late) 1978 Kawasaki KZ400.
When my Texan friend saw me and my bike coming, he'd cry out, "Rice Rocket!"
by Sean Brian Kirby June 12, 2003
A lazy-tongued way of saying "all right."
"Hey, what's going on?"

by Sean Brian Kirby October 30, 2004
The nickname of former CART-champ and current F1 racer, Juan Pablo Montoya.
Monster just ran into Schumey for the umteenth time!
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003

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