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the chemical name for L.S.D. or acid
that last hit of acid contained about 200 mics of lysergic acid diethylamide and its frying my shitty hippie brain
by Sdspangler March 17, 2004
A Bunch of badasses who will choke you to death and piss on your lifeless corpse and possibly spangle you(see def of spangle)
The Creepers are on the loose tonight lock up your daughters
by SDspangler March 12, 2004
the chemical name for MDMA or Ecstacy. A drug that ravers love to gobble up like candy and then die from. it causes high levels of seratonin to be released making you feel happy until you get a 110degree temp and die and someone steals your glowstick and size 43 jeans
Lets go take some methylenedioxymethamphetamine and go jump around with glow sticks in a fucking warehouse and eat gigantic ass hole in our brains!!!!!
by Sdspangler March 17, 2004
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