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Orginally started off as a typo for "the", but recently has changed a bit in meaning. "Teh" still means "the", however, it is mostly used in the same manner that spanish speaking people use the word "El".
"I got two cookies with teh whipped cream!" makes sense, but "I got two cookies with the whipped cream!" doesn't. Get what I mean?
by ScYtH May 24, 2004
Something searched for on Google
I couldn't find out anything in the library on *insert name of object here*, so I googled it.
by ScYtH March 22, 2005
Popular audio format. Abbreviation for MPEG 1 Layer3.
Dude, my MP3 collection pwns yours!
by ScYtH February 05, 2004
tom pwns
IBShop pwns ibstore
by Scyth March 26, 2004
The damn tastiest Mexican fast food ever. Cooked by real Mexicans.
(Try the Grilled Stuft Burrito!)
¿Yo quero Taco Bell?
by ScYtH May 24, 2004
Scyth does not pwn over everyone. He is pwned by the aent and MGM the most.
MGM and aent pwn all.

Scyth wubs MGM and aent
by Scyth May 02, 2004
A less painful, more humane alternative to abortion (for the baby, that is). Recent studies show that abortion actually IS painful to the fetus being aborted. Therefore, in order to avoid having a baby, one should do one of the following:

1. Let yourself give birth to the baby, then simply put it up for adoption.

2. Make it easy for yourself simply by not fucking your boyfriend until you're ready to support a child and have a new husband. 10/1 chances your so-called "lover" will want nothing to do with you after he finds out the news.
Rachael may have been dumb enough to fuck that asswipe, but at least she's giving her unwanted baby a chance by putting it up for adoption instead of aborting.
by ScYtH August 17, 2004
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