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Implies any emotion appropriate for the situation.
Fuckin a its cold out here.
by Scruffy March 24, 2005
One that refuses to accept the world around them.

From 'Thinner' By Stephen King
(writting as Richard Bachman)
Politicians are such assholes.
by Scruffy April 05, 2005
Verb. To eat.

See Also Chow.
Here's some Fruit Loops, chow down dude.
by Scruffy August 01, 2005
A totally badass individual. One that puts concentrates on a goal and achieves it, not matter how many bitches he has to slap.
When i grow up, i wanna be a Pimp* or the hamburglar.
by Scruffy March 24, 2005
People that have sexual relations with dead bodies.

See Necrofilia
Necrofiliacs disgust me.
by Scruffy August 01, 2005
an uber cool person who has an odd obsession with poop. Finds extreme enjoyment in writing her favorite word poop for everyone to see. for example: dusty surfaces, fogged windows, sidewalks, mirrors, and any other place imaginable. If your poop turns up missing you'll know who burgled it.
That car has the word poop written across the window. Oh, a tiedman must of written that.
by scruffy December 16, 2004
a store with outrageous off the wall, fuck a duck prices.

Clothes come already ripped. Which is just sad.
I just used my life savings and half my college fund to buy this piece of cloth. Ripping them was $30 extra.
by Scruffy March 24, 2005
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