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an uber cool person who has an odd obsession with poop. Finds extreme enjoyment in writing her favorite word poop for everyone to see. for example: dusty surfaces, fogged windows, sidewalks, mirrors, and any other place imaginable. If your poop turns up missing you'll know who burgled it.
That car has the word poop written across the window. Oh, a tiedman must of written that.
by scruffy December 16, 2004
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one whose crazy obsession of poop has led her on a long trail towards a female strip club and eventually, lesboticism
I'll poop on you right now. I'll do it! yadda, yadda, yadda...strip club
by rotten December 14, 2004
A roman goddes of poop. Loves it when girls poop on her chest esspecially at Deja Vuu stripclubs. PS I am going to hide in your danger someday.
I gotta go take a tiedman
by Matthew W koresh December 14, 2004

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