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When having a piss straight after sex, the "urethra" spasms meaning that you alternate between high pressured "squirts" and not pissing at all
I think Phil's just had a wank, I can hear him suffering from post coital flow disorder in the lav.
by Scritty April 14, 2010
The smell you might find in a bus on a hot day filled with local scudders, hoodies and kappa slappers. Very reminicent of the almonds found on the top of Mr Kipling's finest, or a biscuit tin that hasn't had the stale crumbs tipped out for eleven years or so.
Let's wait for the next bus, this one is full of funguffers and stinks like a Bakewell fart
by Scritty April 14, 2010
Random name given to one who annoys or irritates you in a social situation. Should ideally conjour up picture of pale, hopeless,flacidness.
Oi Englebert Pimpledick, why don't you sod off and "release yourself" somewhere else; you gravy topped spark confuser
by Scritty April 14, 2010
Is a state of mind approximating to that of an elderly Colonel from the 19th century "guffawing" into his Gin and tonic with not the faintset idea of what is going on.
Heavily rumoured to be "liked by all" but never by anyone you actually speak to. (People you speak to tend to tell you he looks shifty and untrustworthy)
Suspected that this rumour was started by the Greater Biased "Murdoch" bird (who has been known to nest in the UK, especially when the Ashes are on) and the Daily Mail.
"See that ridge Carutthers? Cameron here took that single handedly; Isn't that right Cameron?"
"That's right sir"
"Increasing the limit for stamp duty was his idea as well"
"Yes sir, I thought of it, not 25 million home owners who have been asking for it since the mid 90's..it was really all my idea"
by Scritty April 15, 2010

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