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A female mexican with gunt. see fupa ,chalupa and gunt
When I went down on Juanita she had a fupa chalupa and i had to lift it up in order to go to work.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
Biscuits covered with jizz.
After drinking the night before, we woke up Brianna and fed her jizz biscuits, man was she drunk.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
A massive explosionn of vaginal juices
While fingering Erika, her cunt splatter went all over the walls.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
A brown discoloration on the vaginal lips, often seen on porn stars.
When I went down on Tina, she had some wicked Roast Beef Syndrome that reminded me of an Arby's Big Montana
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
The apple pies that come from the fast food chain mcdonalds. Typically they are two for 99cents and people buy them to eat one and have sex with the other.
Tony got two Mcdonalds apple pies and one was to eat and the other was for his meat.
by Scott Riel February 14, 2004
Short for poopy dick.
After i was done doing Kelsey in the ass, I had some mad poopy d.
by Scott Riel February 19, 2004
A place or setting where there are lots of cute female asses.
I went to this college party and damn was it booty junction
by Scott Riel February 17, 2004

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