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4 definitions by Scott Irving

A close friend of Jerry Seinfeld in the show 'Seinfeld.' He keeps all of his receipts in his wallet at all times, which in turn he keeps in his back pocket. His wallet is so massive that, when sitting down at a resturaunt, he must put a stack of napkins beneath the other pocket to level himself. Played by Jason Alexander.
Hey, did you see the Seinfeld rerun last night?
Yeah, it was the one where George sleeps under his desk, and Jerry calls a bomb threat.
Oh George Costanza...that George Costanza, when will he ever learn?
by Scott Irving January 01, 2006
264 39
A pretty cool/wierd dude. Either you like him and think he's cool or you hate him and parade around yelling "David Bowie is gay" like some sort of retard on crack. Although he is a little 'out there,' his singing is quite good. Most people know him as 'that guy with the hair who likes the asian girls.' They probably say that because he has strange hairstyles and does dig the women of the far East. One of his most popular songs is "Let's Dance." As in 'put on your red shoes and dance the blues.'
"David Bowie is gay!!!!!"
"You are a retard on crack. Have you even heard any of his songs?"
"...Well, no, but-"
"Then shut the hell up. David Bowie is awesome. 'Nuff said."
by Scott Irving February 20, 2006
211 48
One who is murdered by a muderer; the victim of a murder, or homocide.
Detective: There has been a...murder!
Policeman: Why, whoever is the murderee?!
Blonde Woman: Ohhh! (woman faints)
by Scott Irving February 20, 2006
7 2
They suck. Oh, they also do intel commercials. The commercials suck...and the processors, too.
hey, youre in Vegas, right. why not see the blue man group?
cause they suck.
by Scott Irving December 23, 2005
52 184