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A phrase once used by my grandpa, referring to a hotdog.
Come on now, eat your weener pumper!
by ScootyPuff Jr April 16, 2005
A game in which 10 year olds battle over who is the bigger loser.
STFU fag! You suck! I am so cool! Oh no, my retainer fell out!
by ScootyPuff Jr April 15, 2005
The sound the little black monster guys in the Image comic "The Maxx" makes.
Little black monster says, "meep meep meep!"
by ScootyPuff Jr January 07, 2005
1. Liquid oxygen, especially when used as a rocket fuel oxidizer.

2. Smoked salmon.

3. A word passed down from LOL to LOLZ to LOLX and finally became LOX.
1. I need more lox for the bomb.
2. Michael Jackson eats LOX!
by ScootyPuff Jr April 15, 2005
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