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4 definitions by Scoopzilla

definition (a): stuff; crap

definition (b): crappy person; loser
(a)"What the hell is all that malaca on the coffee table?"

(b)"What's a beautiful woman like you doing with a malaca like this?"
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004
really dirty feet, as if you had just walked around a Circle-K convenience store for the last hour without shoes on.
Get those Circle K feet of the couch!
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004
a sloppy, sweet kiss to the lips involving your tongue between your lips. You have to give just a little lick.
Deer kisses for my honey!
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004
An olfactory description with regards to the smell of garbage truck juice.

Used by a girlfriend once to describe the smell eminating from my apartment.
"Oh my GOD it smells straight-up HINKY in here!"
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004