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When a child acts up at the kitchen table, and the parent slaps this child upside the head, forcing his/her face to plunge into his/her cereal/soup bowl.
Gino gave his son Vincenzo a Scoopalone during breakfast for antagonizing his Sister Sophia.
by Scoopalone February 19, 2009
(Sexual Maneuver) When a male bangs a female from behind, and while doing so, shoves a cassette tape into

the female's ass. The resulting phrases and noises that come from the female's mouth play automatically for everyone to savor!
Timmy was notorious for giving girls the "Teddy Ruxpin" before he was found dead under a highway overpass.
by Scoopalone May 19, 2013
A vicious, rigid, and determined dance that is executed by 40 something aged women that dress like they are twenty something's.(Also called "Scallywags or Swamp Donkeys). It occurs when a live band plays a Judas priest cover song, or a similar rock tune from the same era. This dance is performed by throwing both arms back behind you in a vicious "scooping" motion and repeating this motion completely out of rhythm with the song. It can be intensified by having an angry face, and crow hopping in between scoops.
Sadie double-backhoed her way backstage and was never seen again......
by Scoopalone May 19, 2013
A very unpleasant event, thing, object, or person. Evoking feelings of loathing, and or true awfulness. UNSAT! (Unsatisfactory)
You can't make it to the big party??!?!?
That's a Dog Shit Taco!
by Scoopalone February 21, 2009
(Italian-American Slang) An open palmed facial slap to a slack jaw, or the side of an open mouth which produces a loud, hollow sound.
I could feel the shockwave from across the room when Mikey Ga-Ga gave Sol a swift Scaffoombaggia (Ska-foom-bahtch), sending his face into orbit......
by Scoopalone February 19, 2009
(Italian-American Slang) A swift,jab-like,backhand to the face. It is a gateway slap to a slap combination, and can easily be followed by a Scoopalone, or a Scaffoombaggia. (A very good example of onamatopeoia as it sounds like it is pronounced VA-VEEN!)
Francesca was being fresh, so I put her in her place with an unexpected Vavine to the grill.
by Scoopalone February 21, 2009
Having your snacks (or lickies and chewies) in a convenient location to facilitate access to said snacks.
I always put my m&m's in the small pocket of my backpack for Easy Snack-cess.
by Scoopalone February 21, 2009

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