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A combat android who protected mankind from alien invaders. Now a retired soldier turned French Maid to serve a boy who was her late commander for the remaining 398 days she has to live. She's also known for her anti-ecchi personality by confiscating porno magazines with her catchphrase: "Dirty Thoughts are Bad!".
Guy #1: What do you think of Mahoro Ando?
Guy #2: I dunno, if she was real I'd lock up my secret stash of porn.
by Schweppes321 May 04, 2009
An anime centering around a unique vampire girl named Karin Maaka who injects surplus blood into her victims instead of sucking blood. She also suffers enormous nosebleeds if her surplus blood isn't drained and goes berserk if her blood remains pent-up.
Guy #1: Did you see that anime Karin?
Guy #2: Yeah, some vampire chick who's opposite of a normal vampire.
by Schweppes321 May 04, 2009

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