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the most beautiful girl in the world
karin is a fuckin goddess
by you know who November 02, 2003
Hebrew word for "Ray of Sunlight"
Ahhh.. karin brings sunlight to my world
by hot for you August 21, 2006
The most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. She can make hearts stop with one simple smile. She is always laughing and making people around her laugh as well. She makes it impossible not to love her. Everything about her is perfect, from her beauty to her personality. I love this girl.
Karin is the girl who stole my heart.
by Theoneandonnnly. March 22, 2011
A pillar of strength. Solid like a rock. A deep well of compassion for others to draw from when they need strength
Give me the strength of Karin
by Bicep Boy February 03, 2010
Rock solid trail marker
I was lost until I saw that Karin
by solidrock January 14, 2007
Karin is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has heavenly hair, and looks like an angel for heaven above. When you see her she shines like a freshly polished dime. Yes I said dime, because she is a ten. With a body like Kim K and a face like angelina jolie. She is a wonder. Hit that.
God, she is such a Karin.
by kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkbot April 02, 2011
Karin is a Japanese fruit that looks like a mango in shape, size and color but you can't eat it raw. It can be used to make traditional medicine, homemade alcohol, tea or candies. The 2 kanji for Ka-rin are from pear-flower caracters.
I feel sick, I'll have some karin tea.
by k2010. February 03, 2010
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