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3 definitions by Schnauzer

A game that I will never get bored of, for some reason, the best game that was ever for N64.
I have beaten paper mario four times :(
by Schnauzer May 02, 2005
Steven Seagal. Team Popento.
1. Jt is so popento.
2. Nick is so popento.
3. Jameson is so popento.
4. Jordans button is popento.
5. Stephen Seagal is the meaning of popento.
by Schnauzer January 26, 2005
From Dead Kennedy's "Claifornia Uber Alles"
An Uber Alle is a little shit who thinks they are better than every one else.
Look at those fucking uber alles bullying that kid.
by Schnauzer April 11, 2005