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One of the best fucking games in the whole world. It kicks X-box right in the balls, and it's on a 64 bit system!
Paper Mario kicks fucking ass!
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
One of the best Mario games ever created. A beautiful RPG with unique artwork and characters, and overall, kickass. I love this game, and have beaten it quite a few times.
Paper Mario is the best damned Mario game on the N64!
by Lieutenant Tarpit August 18, 2004
A game that I will never get bored of, for some reason, the best game that was ever for N64.
I have beaten paper mario four times :(
by Schnauzer May 02, 2005
The best RPG on N64. Zelda is NOT an RPG.
With Paper Mario,Banjo Kazooie,and Conker's Bad Fur Day,what more do I need on N64?
by 0niTTRay February 02, 2004
One of the best games for the N64. An RPG game were you must rescue the Seven Star Spirits and, as usual rescue Princess Peach. He is accomponied by 8 different partners with their own special abbilities that can help Mario on the way. The graphics are simple but the game is absolutly incredible. It totally beats the shit out of the new crap.
The only thing I find dissapointing about this game is that when in the end after you beat Bowser it just shows Mario and Princess Peach watching fireworks and no mattter what you do you can't save your progress or anything. And when you turn off the game You're back to the part were you last save. And there's too much dialouge which could also be a drag. But despite those things the game is amazing.
"Paper Mario is a beast of a game. Who gives a shit if the N64 is now considered dead technology it owns the shit out of new stuff"
by ireneeSAVESTHEDAY February 26, 2008
An Instant classic since the first day I played it when I first rented it at blockbuster back in 5th grade. But I gotta admit, I was kinda disapointed with the the 2nd installment, Paper Mario 2: The Thousand year door for the GCN.
Good ol' cheap Paper Mario is much more better than all that expensive and bland, fancy lookin Final Fantasy shit.
by The Harmeister March 31, 2005
The first in the paper mario series. The main objective of this game is to colect the 8 star spirits and save the princess from the koopa king Bowser AGAIN!
Dude 1: Hey Dude lets go play some Paper Mario man.
Dude 2: Oh which one?
Dude 1: The first one of course!
Dude 2: Do you have to rescue the princess again?
Dude 1: Yeah. =(
Dude 2: WHAT THE F***!
by Real Good Speller June 06, 2009
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