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An addiction to Wikipedia or other such sources of knowledge.
John: I wonder how long the average lobster lives. I'll Wikipedia it!

3 hours later...

John: Did you guys know that America has one of the highest standards of living in the world?

Joe: you have a wikidiction
by schizoreindeer March 30, 2010
To continually link your computer to different wireless internet networks, usually while moving in a vehicle.
Jim really needed to finish downloading his music, so he was spider man networking all across town.
by schizoreindeer August 13, 2010
1. A heaping helping of awesome with a side of hair.
2. Anyone who looks like multiple bible characters at once, especially Moses, Jesus, and Noah. Generally used as a nickname.
That old guy in the robe is a Monosus.
by Schizoreindeer March 20, 2009
When you get enough dirt on your body that it looks like a tan which can then be washed off.
Tim looked like he had a tan, but when he got out of the shower, he was as pale as before. I guess it was just a wash off tan.
by Schizoreindeer August 13, 2010
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