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A phrase referring to taking the Lord's name in vain. Instead of saying "God Dammit" one might say in a stressful or confusing situation, "Gosh Bangit".
person 1: "We have to go to the store now, so we can't go to the movies...and uh...can we borrow your car? Ours broke down."

person 2: "Gosh Bangit!.....yeah...."
#god dammit #freakin a #fudgey fart #oh piss #oh damn
by Scheezy and Peezy July 25, 2009
A phrase used when one is stating that he or she is not feeling a situation or worried about something.
1) Person 1: "This party is going to be awesome...but that skank is going to be here."

Person 2: "Oh dip not my chip! Are you serious!?"

2) Person 1: "Oh snap! I think I see a cop over there!"

Person 2: "Oh dip not my chip!, we gotta leave and now!"
#oh dip #oh snap #oh hell no #hell naw #oh hecks no
by Scheezy and Peezy July 25, 2009
A word used to describe someone who states the obvious far too much or is extremely incompetent.
person 1: -gets out a laptop and sets it on their lap-

person 2: "Gonna get online?"

person 1: "No, I am just going to let a laptop sit here on my lap......yes I am getting online!....ya Daggala!"
#dumb ass #tard #imbecile #dag #dork
by Scheezy and Peezy July 25, 2009
1) A phrase used to describe the jerking one feels when shifting a vehicle from park to reverse.

2) A phrase used to replace "Oh Snap!" or "Holy Crap!" in a situation that calls for the usage of those terms.
1) person 1: "We are outta here!" -shifts vehicle from park to reverse-

person 2: -jerks- "Pooten Nanny!"

2) person 1: "Look out for that dead bird right there! Ew!"

person 2: -jumps in disgust- "Pooten Nanny!"
#hot damn #oh snap #holy crap #jerk #shift
by Scheezy and Peezy July 25, 2009
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