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A young asian female who aggressively pursues sex from individuals she's attracted to. The asian fireball is usually described as petite, sexy, wild, and firery. Girls who embody this persona are typically scorned by other females due to the fireball's urge to put her sexual desires above anything else, which often leads her to having sex with guys already in relationships.
That Kimmy is so good in bed, she's a little asian fireball.
by Savage3 July 01, 2008
Typically a living space where all the residents or a good majority of them are gay.
Could be a nuclear family of all gay people or just an apartment or household of all gay people.
All the guys in dance class share an apartment uptown, they're a regular old butt fucking brady bunch.
by Savage3 July 01, 2008
a male individual that resembles the primate by the same name, characterized by it's puffed ass, big lips, wide eyes, and bad temperment. Like a bro the bordi has a few key phrases and mannerisms that identify him:

"Come on"
Elbows at the waste, with arms pointed outward, with hands fully open and fingers out.

Don't leave food or drink out in the direct area of the bordi unattended.
The wild bordi's favorite food are the 2 for $1 tacos sold at fast food places.

"Where are my groceries I bought and why is my 3 liter sports drink damn near empty?"
"You left your room open, and I guess a wild bordi came by."
by Savage3 July 04, 2008
The sound made by a man who died after willingly allowing himself to be anally penetrated by a horse. The video of this was posted online, but it was later revealed that the man had died from a ruptured colon. The expression is used as an inside joke between those aware of the video and also as a way to express a vulgar comment to someone incognito by just making the sound, when your really telling them to get fucked up the ass by a horse.
An instructor informs his students that the test scores for a recent exam are below satisfactory and that this is the worst class he's taught in so far. A student in the back of class makes the sound "Urgh ha huh!" and the class arupts in laughter. to the instructor's confusion he leaves the class having no idea what is going on.
by Savage3 July 02, 2008
When a straight man has sex with an efeminite man, due to an excess amount of time away from women and in close contact with an increasing more attractive man.
Being stuck in these all male dorms really brings out my prison fever.
That guy isn't a girl, but he's good enough.
Ugly girl, good looking guy, whats the difference?
by Savage3 July 01, 2008
An individual who jocks celebrities and goes out of there way to throw sex at celebrities. Usually a young female, also relating to groupies.
"If that hoe loves Usher so much, kick that bitch out the house, and let her star gaze from outside."
by Savage3 July 10, 2008
When a homosexual practices mixed martial arts for the sole purpose of erotic stimulation.
I thought that it was getting a little M.M.Gay when he told me to pound his ass into submission.
by Savage3 July 10, 2008

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