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Never can be naked thus wears denim cut offs at all times.
Tobias is wearing his cut offs in the shower because he is a never nude.
by SaV January 08, 2005
A 15 year old girl who sleeps with men in order to write a book about their sex patterns.
Broodie: "TS meet trish the dish"
Trish: "No one calls me that"
by SaV January 08, 2005
Someone not very intelligent and quite slow. May or may not shit themselves regulary
Matthew Sanders is a squibble head
by sav February 28, 2012
New age form of describing a vagina. Often used when speaking of lesbians.
"Wait, is cheey potato the new word for vagina?"
by SaV January 08, 2005
a party with many people
hey let's go...everyone else is goin to the damfukuntasshit
by Sav August 06, 2004
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