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Having sex with a woman, and after you ejaculate on her face you proceed to tell her you are her father.
Girl: What the French Toast I told you to finish in the sheets!

Guy: Bitch I am your father, bout to Crank that Darth Vader!
by Satchmosis March 15, 2008
(also known as Suquamish) a small town situated on the asscrack of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. Over run by natives and trashy white people, the seemingly only aesthetically pleasing thing about the town is the abundance of stray dogs and shattered bottles of Old English that litter the streets.
As i drove to Running Bear's mudhut i began to dodge potholes in the streets and noticed an escilation in bars on the windows of the surrounding houses, it was then that i realized i had entered Squampton.
by Satchmosis September 03, 2007

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