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A tattoo on a girl's boob. A/k/a Boobatoo.
No wonder why she is wearing that low cut top. She wants to show off her boob-atoo.
by sarasplayroom.com May 16, 2009
Yet another slang term for a big, meaty penis
Girl to Another: I'm so sore....

Another: Take 2 Advil and put an ice pack your 'gina

Girl: I just cannot take the punishment from JP's beef trombone!
by sarasplayroom.com August 03, 2009
A man who wears a speedo, tight briefs or sweatpants where his nuts are evidently on display, much to the chagrin of anyone viewing this. The nuts are usually not sizable enough to merit attention; therefore, they are sized as acorns.
The dude on the beach in the speedo was a definite acorn smuggler as you could see his nuts.
by sarasplayroom.com February 22, 2009
After swallowing gizz from a b.j., wishing one hadn't done so. Usually because the cum flavor was nasty, almost made one choke, or there was nothing to wash away the aftertaste with or realizing that it may not have been a safe swallow due to not knowing much of the sexual history of the cum dumper.
One Girl to Another: I totally have Swallower's Remorse!!

Another: Why?

Girl: I gave JP head last nite, but the flavor was just nasty! I mean he smokes cigarettes and guys who smoke have nastier gizz, but his was positively rancid! I gargled half a bottle of Listerine, but I swear I can still taste it!

Another: Maybe he hadn't jerked off in a while.

Girl: You might be right, he seemed really horned up and came quick. Well let's go do shots of Tequila, maybe that will wash it away.
by sarasplayroom.com September 29, 2009
When girls hold up their pinkie fingers, to wag at a guy who has a small penis, doing so in humiliation.
That girl just gave the guy driving the Red Ferrari the pinkie salute! He must have a small dick.
by sarasplayroom.com March 07, 2009
A very hot, beautiful, manipulative woman who lures men into her honey trap and then devours them, and by devours, this means financially, or by turning them into slaves who will do anything for her. She enjoys financially ruining men or turning them into groveling slaves and moving onto the next victim due to her insatiable appetite. Related to the gold digger, but more dominant and in control of the weaker male.
One Stripper to Another: I used to be a gold digger, but every girl here is, too much competition, so now I've become a Venus Flypussy!

Another: What's that?

Stripper: It's when you look for weak wimps with money to financially drain or turn into slaves. It beats screwing for money. You don't even have to screw them. But you do end up "screwing" them if you get my drift...
by sarasplayroom.com August 21, 2009
Hot girls who go to hotel or resort pools as day guests, usually paying a pool fee, with the hopes of snaring rich hotel guests. This is especially rampant in Miami and Vegas.
The day job of the strippers from xxxxxx club is to go to hotel pools. Not only do they get a tan, but the pool whores also recruit guests to come to their strip club that nite.
by sarasplayroom.com February 22, 2009
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