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A puppet dog that wears a fancy bowtie and constantly has a cigar in his mouth. His brand of comedy involves ruthless insults, mostly of celebrities and other famous people. Originally appeared on the Conan O'Brien show, but has made frequent appearances in other places. Currently he has "caroled" with Ozzy Osbourne and has his own music video on MTV called "I Keed" (that only shows late at night).
Snoop there's only room for one dog putz,
And I can rap, can you lick your own nuts?
by Sarahsuke December 27, 2003
The "world's cutest kitten", who tends to annoy Garfield on a regular basis. Because of this, Nermal gets shipped in a box to Abu Dhabi quite often.
Nermal likes to flaunt her cuteness.
by Sarahsuke December 27, 2003
Ninja boy with spikey blue hair and a tobacco pipe for a weapon; star of the Ganbare Goemon series in Japan, which has been released overseas in the guise of "Mystical Ninja".
Goemon is not a Pokémon, you retard.
by Sarahsuke July 14, 2003
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