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The pint sized gamer in Yu-Gi-Oh. He wears the Millennium Puzzle around his neck. When he's in trouble Atem/Yami takes over his body and duels. Yugi kicks ass.
Yugi dueled Pegasus to save Kaiba and Mokuba's souls.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
Slang term for dialup Internet. Called so, because dialup sucks, and those who use dialup waste bandwidth when they play online games and slow the whole server down. I call them dialsuckers.
I have to use dialsuck because I can't afford cable or DSL.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
One who accesses the Internet over dialup instead of broadband.
Dialsuckers are easy to frag in Unreal Tournament because of their high ping rates.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
A primitive and shitty device for accessing the Internet over a dialup (dialsuck) connection. If you're still using this, get a clue and upgrade to broadband.
I used to use a 28.8 kbps modem to access the Inernet. Now I use cable because I'm 1337.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
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