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A basic play with the word shithead, a shitheap is a complete arsehole, a person who lacks in social ability and basically is a shithead.

See also: shithead
You fucking shitheap!
by Samwell March 25, 2005
The female genitals, a vagina
Can I feel your minge?
How big is your minge?
What does your minge look like?
Can I put my dick in your minge?
by Samwell December 22, 2004
Also described as a farmer snort, when you snoz you block one nostril and sharply and quickly breath out through the other nostril, thus expelling mucus/snot. A quick but often dirty way to blow your nose, done when out on the street and don't have access to tissue.
1st person: "Awh that's nasty!"
2nd person: "Sorry, I needed to snoz, I've got a real bad cold."


"You've just snozzed all over me you dirty cunt!"
by Samwell May 14, 2005
To masturbate, to have a wank
I had a chuff
I fancy a chuff
by Samwell December 22, 2004
Someone who is uniquely hilarious, a rare humor find of someone, hence the 'rarity' association.
"He's great he is, he's a hilarity"
by Samwell December 04, 2005
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