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A goth is an artistic person with a huge aesthetic who expresses this in a dark way. Real gothic music is The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Sisters Of Mercy etc. Goths are ususally associated with Satanism, which is completely untrue because you will find goths tend to have no religious beliefs or no strong religious beliefs, though a very very very small minority are Satanists. Goth is also usually a term used as an attempted insult by chavs and the like, mainly because chavs have nothing better to do besides insult people different to them and terrorise communities.
1) From a chav-Yowm a fucking goth, yow worship the devil ya freak, dya wanna fight?

2) From a goth to a chav-Tit
by Samwell April 22, 2005
Acronym for As Soon As I Know. Pronounced ASS-IKE.
Bob: You got any news on that gig?
Dave: No not yet, but I'll tell you ASAIK.
by Samwell September 15, 2005
A metaphor meaning for a man to have sexual intercourse with a woman whilst she is on her period.
She wants me to have sex with her when she's on her period. I mean, the sausage in the jam doughnut, it ain't right.
by Samwell August 14, 2005
Adjective: To flap around with no co-ordination and/or control.
1) He looked dead stupid on that trampoline. He was just flaggling around.


2) I had no control, I just flaggled around.
by Samwell May 25, 2005
Meaning ponce, a snob.
1) I don't know who he thinks he is, looking down on us like that the fucking ponner.
by Samwell June 02, 2005
A gay/homosexual. Bush being refered to as the pubic region.
"Watch your backs, he's a bush rustler."
by Samwell May 14, 2005
the height of topness, it mean its really really top
that gig was topage u know
by Samwell March 30, 2005
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