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From an anthropological perspective religion is the personification of natural forces in order to allow a means of understanding and making sense of them. These personified forces, known as mythologies or "Gods", take an interest in "human" affairs. It has historically been extremely important in allowing socieites to deal with uncertainty, creating meaning for death, suffering, etc., and has helped to create communities.
Examples of religion can range & vary between small trible beliefs found around the world to large structured institutions such as Christianity.
by Samurai September 27, 2004
Minimum computer hardware needed to run a program or additional piece of hardware.
"Can I run Windows XP on my 486?"
"A 486 doesn't meet the system requirements for XP, it's too old"
by samurai January 29, 2004
Combination of the words chode and dildo. A dildo that has more girth in it's diameter than in it's length.
Disgusted, she placed the childo back on the rack, prefering a longer and narrower dildo.
by samurai June 26, 2003
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