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5 definitions by Sam888

Testicles on the severely obese, which are surrounded by a thick later of ripply fat inside the scrotum.
That dude is 600 pounds? He must have a bitchin' pair of pumpernuts!

His wife must gag everytime she gets a glimpse of his sweaty pumpernuts.
by Sam888 June 20, 2007
A semi-solid bowel movement with visible chunks of jiggly, unprocessed fat.
I had to bleach down the toilet after Barbara left a pumpydoody in it.
by Sam888 June 20, 2007
An individual with a remarkable sassy attitude, often expressing his/her opinion through vile oratory tantrums.
Debra, I can't believe your toddler already has the disgusting pumpymouth of his father! Shame on you.
by Sam888 June 20, 2007
A normal toilet or other tool used to contain feces on a regular basis.
Time to hit the pumpy pot.

Madeline, I'm so sorry your fish died...but it's time to flush it down the pumpy pot!
by Sam888 June 20, 2007
Derivation: Chinese, word for "pang pi", meaning "fat ass". In English generally used to convey ripply fat or excessive fat on a human body.
She has pumpy thighs.
by Sam888 June 20, 2007