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3 definitions by Sam Barron

A big dump, larger then usual. It takes a while but it all ends well
That was one hell of a massive dump I just took..eeww look at that!
by Sam Barron January 28, 2005
The poop that doesnt let go so you have to pinch it off, making it look like soft ice cream from the venter(usually the chocolate ice cream)
Hey I would have ate your chocolate ice cream. Why did you put it in the shitter?
by Sam Barron January 28, 2005
Little tiny turds that are relevent to dingel berrys but they don't cling on to your ass, instead they fall from it when you pinch little turds out.
Mom, if i shit in the shower is that still the same as shitting in my pants?

by Sam Barron January 28, 2005