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3 definitions by SaltyD23

Heavy Business: a difficult, uncomfortable situation that is likely to involve a fair amount of suffering.
- John and Sheila's house was robbed.
- Wow, heavy business!
by SaltyD23 October 18, 2011
A self-indulgent, self-pleasing and over-the-top use of graphical elements made famous by Edward Tufte, such as sparklines, small multiples, and layering one prominent color over black and white.
The sort of activity that some designers do when they want to show off.
-What's with all the frickin' sparklines? Is that really necessary?

-Of course not. The designer just had a case of Tufteturbation.
by SaltyD23 March 22, 2012
A peak of pleasure brought on by beautiful information design. When data visuzliations drives deep a-ha's into your soul. Championed by Edward Tufte.
Oh, how those sparklines are layered over the small multiples! So precise, so aesthetic! A true Tuftegasm!
by SaltyD23 February 09, 2012