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Another name for moccasin. Usually refers to soft leather slippers.
These mukluks make me feel like I am one with the earth...
by Salchite March 06, 2005
winter boots designed in the styles of the Native North Americans. Styles that include knee hig winter boots, faux fur trimmed winter boots, everyday wear traditional style mukluks as well as the warmest winter moccasins (mukluks) in the world.
**Canadians are familiar with Native gear"
"Cool mukluks! They look warm...where can I get a pair?"
by ~Sasha...(thanks Joe) August 28, 2008
A diragatory name for an eskimo, mainly homeless ones with no teeth and eat raw fish.
Hey, look at the mukluk eating that seal.
by COBS05 January 22, 2005
A word that is used as everything. Created by 2 l337 ha><0rz as of w/e day and tyme.
Dude i totally mukluked yu madre.
Fudging Mukluk mother Muklucker.
by L337 Shaith February 27, 2005
Mukluk;A word with magical powers often sold in New York on the black market
Whoa! thats some crazy mukluk whos yo hustla.
by Dr. Dreezey March 25, 2003
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