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(noun) s0r, noob panzer /kill master

see other words: /kill Whore, Waterboy
s0r gets the water for the starting players
by Sage September 10, 2004
A modern day swashbuckling pirate from Bournemouth.
I met Ace McSword yesterday. He is cool.
by sage March 15, 2005
Synonymous to fool or foo. Used jokingly between friends.
That's css, ya aqy.
by Sage May 17, 2003
that sticky smelly stuff you pick out of yur ass when its all swampity...
awwwwwwwww .....your ass cheeze is warm.
by sage May 17, 2004
A sentence of which came from me owning on css.
Owning someone in teh face with a stupid gun like tmp or pump action shotgun and saying "in teh face". But when i came to type it, i'd say fave by accident and because i kept doing it, me and my mate starting saying it.
SaGe > noobelf with a headshot from TMP.
SaGe say: in teh fave
by SaGe February 03, 2005
a likely or enrjune uranation.
i got to really pee badly
by sage February 26, 2005
A large/short/sooooooooo ugly, blob of material goo that oozes into your life and makes it a living hell....beware of lion titties!!!!
holy crap...you've been an LT all summer....eating and sleeping and mooshin' around....damn
by sage May 17, 2004

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