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1. Aka newbelf is a person who has no skill
2. A person who whines and complains about balanced things like Gruntapult
3. A person who's IQ is under 40(aka potato)
STFU you noobelf!!

Learn to play noobelf!!
by BadModem May 09, 2004
A version of the common noob that tends to use elves...or, when not relating to Warcraft, a noob that you don't like. At all.
1.Yo Noobelf, drwarves own you!

2.MJF is such a noobelf.
by Loto2 September 09, 2004
Elven-Z; acting like or resembling Elven-Z in terms of blatant noobelf stupidity
Elven-Z, you give noobelves a bad name. -or- Stop being so Elven-Z, noobelf.
by freedomfighter July 04, 2004
Term started in Warcraft by whiny players needing a scapegoat to blame their lack of skill upon.
"You noobelf! Omg, hunts are so imba."
by noobcake July 22, 2004