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A female who goes to metal or heavy rock shows and isnt afraid to get bruised and cut in the mosh pit. seriously doesnt give a damn because they know the show is totally worth it.
If your a chick and go to metal shows and are respected by the guys because even if you twist your ankle or have 11 people fall on top of you your still jumpin back into the mosh pit..you would be a metal chick...but they are more commonly known as metal heads anyways.
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
An old style very political punk rock band. Bad Religion is one of the greatest bands EVER!
Bad Religion songs: "Atomic Garden", "Automatic Man", "Anesthisia", "You Are The Government", "Generator".
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
punk is not a style, it is not wearing as many braclets as you can fit on your arm or spiking your hair. It is not about dressing in stripes or in Torn-up clothes or even how many times you've rammed a needle inside yourself. It is the way you live and breathe your life.
sex pistols and ramones are punk rock. that stupid emo crap you hear...AFI for instance would NOT be punk......so quit complaining about punk rock music being for fags until you learn what it is!
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
a group of people who are generall pretty nice especially at metal shows. They will mosh in the mosh pit and pick eachother up when others fall so they can continue. Most moshers(like me). will be landed on by 9 people or even twist there ankle and still get up and back in the mosh pit!
when you go to the Ike Box in Salem,OR you will find many moshers.
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
Anarchy is now a form of government that has so been coruppted by the little wannabe punk rockers also known as emos or emotional kids. Originally anarchy comes from the greek religion Discord or Erisinism. The particular religion doesnt really like the idea of government but more of free will. It is also known for causing a bit of chaos obviously because these people worship the greek/roman goddess of chaos and strife (Eris). Even the symbol, an Anarchy sign, comes from the religion.
if you need an example by now your an idiot. and just because i HAVE TO anarchy!
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007

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