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2 definitions by Sabih

a word used by a lot of faggots on the net. they think they "0wn" or "pwn" or anything else,but they just didnt REALLY know you.
alot of fags will use this kind of expression; "you phail at life" and it means they phail in life,and talk like a stylish fag.they also could say "you,my friend" or other fagish sentences.Leave them alone by,they wont harm anyone.
failure : you my friend,phail at life
normal people ; YOU,my friend,can suck my balls!
by Sabih November 21, 2007
one of the best reglions on the word. there are christian people,jewish people,asianbuddahist people and muslim people. chsrtian hate for jews is just a way to express jealousy,there are good noraml christians and there are jew-hating chrsitians.the "jew loves money" stereotype or long nose is really WRONG and not even fair,because they dont have a big nose.if they make money,it doesnt make them LOVE the money and not give money for others.
Joei : My friend is jewish and i love her
his bro : give me her picture...oh god she is hot..i wish i knew more jewish girls LIKE her ^_^
by Sabih November 21, 2007