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4 definitions by Sabb

A red neck type of person. Not trailer trash, but farmer cowboy red neck. Usually of lower intelligence, has long bull horns on front of dualies truck and a rifle rack in the window. Common among rural praire areas, ie Saskatchewan.

Canadianized version of "Hick"
That hic rides a mean bull... and he's good at rodeo.
by Sabb February 23, 2005
Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.
However used in reference to a person.
Originated in describing one named phooka.
I'm going to drop a phooka bbl.
I almost phooka'd my pants at the mall yesterday.
I dropped a 9 inch phooka.
by Sabb January 23, 2005
A very unattractive woman. Often associated with large size or a prehistoric quality.
This nasty girl at the bar, I tell ya she was a real bruiser, went home with my roommate.
by Sabb April 01, 2006
To pleasure mans genital area by use of hand alone, lubricated or not. See hand job.
"I gotta get marks from my prof I'll be right back"
"Duuude give em a gripper!"

"This bar skank was givin me a gripper when I farted, it was kind of like a chain saw. You pull it and the sound starts. It was awesome"
by Sabb December 15, 2005