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A person who likes having sex with other family members. and family pets.
"Yo!, heard you were a bashbon? maybe you should try a quilt, it works the same"
by Sweden4u August 15, 2007
the large amount of fat that is over a womans fanny. stops it getting wet in sex when the man urinates to show how much dignity he has...
My wife is so fat! Shes got a fanny roof!
by Sweden4u August 15, 2007
There are 2 things here,
Meaning 1: A small town in northern Sweden.
Meaning 2: The small piss flaps on the end of a dick that makes the man look like he is showing no scene of being an astronaut in the never future.
Meaning 1;
Guy 1:Hello I'm from umea.
Guy 2:You sick bastard, who's though? Your dads?

Meaning 2;
Chinese Guy 1: You flappa dicky Wrong Time!!!!
by Sweden4u August 21, 2007
Known to be as a jelly for gays, that they place 1/3 of the way up there arsehole, to make there ass all slippy when having sex, so dignifying.
Gay 1: Im From the KY Gang.
Gay 2: Oh yea? Which country?
Gay 1: Im from the other country...
Gay 2: So am i! UHHH. Take that silly.


Gay 1: That was good, but i payed you £50 for it, i knew you'd try your best.
Gay 2: I need a tub of KY for myself! its great.
Gay 1: It wasn't KY silly, It was Fuck Cheese!
by SWEDEN4U August 22, 2007

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