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A sad layabout loser femine jean wearing bitch who can't hold a job or erection
unless it's someone else's
that guy is a real dobson
by arnold zimmerman February 01, 2008
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A person of a male descent who is in touch with their feminine side; who likes to tackle males of the black descent; and who has a small reproductive area.
"Don't be such a Dobson man!"
"Your acting like such a Dobson, why don't you go be a Dobson somewhere else?"
by Sir. William Scott November 23, 2007
A Dobson is someone with a lot of swagg. He might even slip on his swagger juice. Normally a Dobson will have a massive Shlong. A Dobson also has the abilty to bullshit his way out of anything.
'Dayymm he's done a Dobson'
'Like a Dobson'
"hes got him self out of that like a Dobson'
by zxcvbnm,.sdfghjk May 15, 2011
Someone who drinks 24 ounce Coors and freebases oxycontin while at a public park 30 feet away from a childrens playground.
When Dobson woke up, his dogs were dead.
by GREGariousGREG August 22, 2008
1. A green-party politician in the UK.
2. A joint.
3. A party/gathering of friends that revolves around the smoking of cannabis.
4. The process of rolling a joint.
1. Hey Edd you gonna be voting Dobson or will it be BNP again?
2. Hey Edd pass the dobson, don't be a Brendan.
3. Hey Edd you coming round tonight? We're organising a bit of a dobson.
4. Hey Edd, we're gonna arrange a little dobson tonight, we need someone to roll the dobsons so Dobson is coming round, he doesn't smoke the dobson but he can dobson better than any of us.
by IanHuntley69 October 05, 2006
Dobson is a term used for someone who is known as a sir...they are almost identical to the Marcus' except they have a smaller penis. Over all...they are great guys with high voices.
"That guy is such a dobson".
by Marcus E June 05, 2006

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