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5 definitions by SS BOB

An incident that occurred 10 years ago during a bus ride home of the Fort Collins high school's c-team baseball. They were caught sucking and jerking each other off each other in the bus. They even took footage of it's happening. The whole town was humiliated along with the parents who were then informed of their sons' actions. To this day, cross-town rivalries chant "c-team baseball" to discourage their horrible sportsmanship.
At a basketball game: Rocky vs Collins

Rocky student: "Collins suck!"

Other Rocky student: "Yeah, a lot of dick!"

Together: "c-team baseball! c-team baseball!"
by ss bob January 31, 2014
5 0
When a girl randomly comes up to a guy and grabs his junk.
Man some chic just walked up to me and grabbed me right in the junk!

Lets find that bologna bandit and give her the frank n beans.
by SS BOB November 07, 2010
4 1
When a female has really veiny tits.
Man i hooked up with this chic last night.
Dude her tits looked huge.
Yeah, about that bro she had some busted vits, i about threw up.
by SS BOB November 07, 2010
6 4
When a girl shoots her load on the guys face during oral sex.
I went down on squirts mcgee last night.
What was it that bad?
Fuck that girl man, i got the sticky snorkel.
Damn man, that sucks.
Yeah i know, i had squiz in my fucking eyes dude.
by SS BOB November 07, 2010
2 1
When a guy continually hooks up with ones as opposed to tens or dimes.
Man, matts game is broke.
yeah bro he's been penny pinchin' like a mother fucker!
by SS BOB November 07, 2010
4 3