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3 definitions by SHANDA

A nice, round, firm ass that is not quite to the level of ghetto booty; This ass looks great in some jeans (and not too damn bad nekkid either) and is still not big enough to be ridiculous; Great for smackin, flippin, and rubbin down, etc....
Thanks to my mom for blessing me with a dookie booty.
by Shanda September 28, 2004
An ass, that when a person turns to the side, looks like it has been hacked off by a hatchet; Jeans look way better on a chick with a dookie booty than with a hatchet ass.
She's a hottie, but Paris Hilton has a mad hatchet ass.
by Shanda September 28, 2004
grimey donkey kong niggadoes sneaky shit
moddie,damn you is grimey.
by SHANDA January 06, 2005