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A nice, round, firm ass that is not quite to the level of ghetto booty; This ass looks great in some jeans (and not too damn bad nekkid either) and is still not big enough to be ridiculous; Great for smackin, flippin, and rubbin down, etc....
Thanks to my mom for blessing me with a dookie booty.
by Shanda September 28, 2004
The nondescript pair of sneakers one keeps at work to wear when one goes to take a dump, so that one cannot be identified by coworkers who look under the stall door.
Travis's intense social anxiety meant he had to hold his poo in all day rather than being discovered as a pooper by his fellow workers. His problems were solved when he started keeping a pair of dookie booties in the back of a desk drawer.
by naldo reinstein January 28, 2014
The real definition of a Dookie Booty is when a girls butt does not fill up her jeans in the back. And when she walks, it looks like Dookie (shit) squishing around in her pants in the butt area.

"Wow that girls got a nasty ass Dookie Booty"
by Kudzai March 07, 2006
The ass of girls for the Bay Area, primarly the city of San Mateo. You can find many in places such as, CSM Cosmetology, in white Honda Civics, Ashley's house and in a vast variety of places in and around the city of San Mateo. Dookie booty can often reak of bad breath so travel prepared with gum.
Damn, look at that dookie booty cruzin by.
by Jeffy Weffy September 11, 2006
The term given for a woman's ass when engaged in anal sex should that woman have excrement in her behind, only realized by her partner during that anal sex. Understandibly, causing his quick flight.
Awwwww hell no! That dirty bitch done had some dookie booty, son! I had to leave wit da quickness...neva ta returrrn.
by GQ Matty September 18, 2006
a girl with a booty so big, it looks like she's constipated 24/7
Dang, she got a dookie booty
by bungle bunny 03 October 26, 2003
an insanely large grotesque booty. The booty is so large that dookie gets trapped and lost within it
''damn man that is the biggest dookie booty i've ever seen! get a picture of that dude!''
by mark hoffman January 08, 2008

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