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When a man fails to achieve an erection but is undaunted and proceeds to push his penis into the vagina or more commonly anus and attempts sloppy sex by pushing in his penis with his thumb.
Nathan - Aww man im going to jail. imma be some guys bitch. i hope they are tender and start by thumbing it in slack
by SGTKM November 29, 2010
To be so wrecked that you are unable to weigh in with words of confidence when battling an alien invasion
I would love to offer some words of wisdom but i am too profoundly stoned
by sgtkm May 21, 2011
The only feasible way for three men to eat each others ass.

where the three men in question are in a triangle formation with asses on each others faces.

Can be attempted whilst flat on the ground or more ambitiously in a 3D method
Hey Tom and Patrick can i have a chocolate triangle with you guys ???

Yeah sure
by SGTKM October 03, 2009
Pronounced "Chuff-fucking" in one quick word

To roger a woman up the rear who is under 18 but over the age of consent, this was illegal in the uk due to homosexuality laws until recently but now chuffucking is well practiced fun
Marc: dude i rammed this girl the other day
Marc 2: Dude no way!!
Marc: Yeah and then she let me chuffuck her shit was so cash
Marc 2: no way i was chuffucking your mum last night too
Marc: ...
by SGTKM December 28, 2010
The action of slapping a mans face whilst trying to penetrate him anally to make the pain of said penetration lesser by distraction
For example

Dude its not going in

by SGTKM September 20, 2009

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