19 definitions by SGT.PLOW

someone who takes advantage of you behind your back but acts nice and kind to increase popularity or social status like a hollywood movie star the messed up ones
lindsay : like OMG give it up already I run the show around HERE
cally : thinks to herself.... you do?
lindsay : I tell the boys and girls what to do and what not to do
cally : thinks to herself again....sure whatever you say sweetheart
tally : you tell people what to do with your word power? that's all you got? I'm scared....I'm running away now you....U backadvantagestabber
by SGT.PLOW January 29, 2008
example : to cock my big nuts
example : to cock-a-doodle doo ; a Rooster
example : cocky conceited shitbreaths like U
example : it's all about the cock ;)

killer candy orgasmic cuntlova

can orgasm cuntface killa

They complained debated and kept bitchin about the size of my cock
by SGT.PLOW January 29, 2008
a rotten fish with claw scars from a cat... I mean COUGAR hence "finky the stinky fish" I made this name up so I don't smell so stinky
1.finky the fish goes swimming
2.cougar the cat swoops and eats finky like a organic grown apple
3.the end
by SGT.PLOW January 30, 2008
a.your pinky finger
b.the color pink
c.P!NK the female artist
d.pinky and the brain > fucktards
pinky and the brain story:

two lab rats that try to take over the world. based on some human characteristics if you pay close attention. pinky is smart as a tool and the brain just as much if not more.
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
Someone who is skinny but acts like a fat fuck or worse
a real mutherfucker
that skinnyfatfuck is skinny but a fat fucking sucker
by SGT.PLOW January 29, 2008
HOLY fuck save me! namehere is a FUCKING SHITSTARTER that MAGGOT makes me wanna stick a bomb UP IT'S FAT FUCKING ASS!!!!!!! GOD NOW I HAVE TO BARFFFFfffffffff NASSSSTY SKANK!!!!!!
holy bloody fucking hell shitstarter!!!!!!!! eat my shit BITCH!!!!!!!
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
someone who beats the semen out of cum guzzling whores
crapface says to Sgt.Plow "quit beating my cock will ya?!" you cockbeater....*whimpers* *sniffle*
by SGT.PLOW January 27, 2008
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