19 definitions by SGT.PLOW

to be someone or be a nobody
a. meh a someone
b. meh a nobody > lang
c. meh have no feelings
d. meh wanna cry waaaa waaa
e. meh like skittles
by SGT.PLOW February 03, 2008
Like I said before manbitch the car needs surgical repair interior and exterior wise. need some q-tips? buy some and while you're at it clean your clogged shitpipe asswipe. Beat ANY ricer shit U say? HA NOT likely. As for terms why dont U go look up what V-tech means "Mr.Enviromental Friendly". Or is it FUCKTARDDDDDD??????? *gasp* *chuckle* my friendddddd
1.hey fucktard camaro wanna race?!?!?!
2.fucktard : hell yeah "ricer"!!!!!
1.say HELLO to my big brother ACURA NSX shitbrain!!!!!!!!!
2.fucktard : *chokes on his dirtay emission smoke*
3.mercedes ripppsssss passss fucktard in 1.3 seconds flat
4.the end
by SGT.PLOW February 02, 2008
poppin lickin orgasmic weather

sheman asked me if I wanted to weather in the storm and I said " I'll plow U in a minute"
by SGT.PLOW January 29, 2008
to protect and serve a certain proximity of space or territory. no such thing as a LANDMASTER. or is it?*gasp* Not cliche enough for ya.... wellz ask yur infested sister for sum dick licking skills
David Sakurai > so called landmaster "word creater" is the perfect example of a fucking gaylord taking it through the back door 40 times a week from his boppyhead fans
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
1.the one and ONLY true VIRGIN Mary is Jesus' mother the virgin mary according to the bible and scriptures
2.Mary or more than one > can have several meanings
1.mary should have kept holy and innocent but soaked herself or himself with non virgin acts
2.mary claims she had no lambs but has the biggest ass of all
3.mary so not contrary
4.mary enjoys a lot of activites like shopping and bar hopping with rich men
5.mary is lost in loveeeeee with Mike
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008

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