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2 definitions by SFSMaus

Someone who is such a prick or is so obnoxious that he isn't worth being called an asshole.
That guy isn't even an asshole, he's an asshalf.
by SFSMaus March 02, 2006
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(auto-mo-vlog) Noun. A vlog posting done while in your car, typically done while in motion but can also be done while stationary. Involves either holding in your lap or mounting to your dashboard your video camera. Usually done while heading to a gathering of other people likely to automovlog.

Verb. The act of producing an automovlog.

The word was coined in early 2007.
"Automovlogging rules! Not bad for your first time Jen. How many people did you run over?"
"Not a one. I think it helped that I was looking at the road 95% of the time. :D"
by SFSMaus October 05, 2007
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