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a sexual act in which the man clips the girls pubic hair and then snorts off of her belly along with cocaine while watching sex and the city (all while being sexually intertwined)
"Oh dude last night I was doing a double kangaroo scissor-kick" said Wayne Gretsky, "Oh thats nothing, I Vaginal Bushwacked my step sister" said Rachel Ray.
by SEXMUFFIN-987654321987654321 June 10, 2010
Originally coined by comedian Doug Benson, "dick skipping" is generally referring to masseuses that don't give happy endings. "Dick skippers" can also be used to describe lazy or slapdash people or things.
"That masseuse was a real dick skipper" -Doug Benson

"The blacks are a bunch of dick skipping hoes, I'm not racist I'm just speaking the truth" -Bill O'Reilly
a hillbilly or redneck who enjoys raping obese women, Using the tactic of hiding in their hampers until they are taking a poop. then jumping out and buttfucking their still shit covered Anus'
"OH SHIT! isa hamper hillbilly!" said Rosie O'Donnel
"ahh shit..." said Frankie Munez
by SEXMUFFIN-987654321987654321 June 10, 2010
What happens when you spill cocaine on your girlfriends lap.
"OH DAMNIT, I SPILLED THE BLOW ON YOU BABY, IM SORRY" said Larry King. "Now i have a (cocaine bush)" said Jenny McCarthy.
by SEXMUFFIN-987654321987654321 June 10, 2010
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