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A online website that used to be a better alternative to myspace, but now has become just as bad with the recent addition of junior college kids & high schoolers.

its the perfect place to stalk anyone you have seen around campus now that there is a constantly updated "status" where one can post what they are doing that EXACT moment ie. showering, studying, eating or whatever....
now one can also tell everyone how they met each and everyone of their friends.. making it possible to pretend like you know someone you have never met in your life.

all of the above has just become a complete joke and people enter fake "status" entries and make up random inside jokes for how they met their friends like, "we hooked up in 1955 and it was GREAT!"

everyone girl it seems on facebook is married or a lesbian...

people try to make themselves look cool by belonging to random inside joke groups proclaiming how they hate greek, or hate goths..

'the wall' is the same thing as myspace comments... and thats the only useful part of faceboook. its a way to keep track of things you drunkenly did in college. you remember friday night only through the posts your friends made on your wall.

people encorporate facebook into everyday conversations.
when a person says something particularly witty or funny.. it will soon become a facebook quote.
"facebook quote of the year"

"thats totally gonna be my new facebook album default pic"

"facebook group war"
by SBKAT July 31, 2006
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